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Monthly Newsletter February, 2012

This month's topic is especially for you young parents (however if you are a grandparent that spends quality time with grandchildren pay close attention). Our topic this month is known by several names; Hyperactive, ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and even childhood depression.

To make it easy let's just use the term ADD in today's discussion. I am going to address the nutritional components of this disorder and as a parent you may be enlightened to some new treatment methods you have yet to hear about.

Make no mistake, these children are a HANDFUL! These kids will drive you crazy. They cannot sit still, cannot concentrate, do poorly in school, never shut up, act out constantly, and even scream, rant and rave. Even so we love them dearly and want the best for them. I pray that those of you reading this newsletter will have wonderful results with the nutritional protocols I will lay out for you and your child.

If you have an ADD child you know that your doctors, teachers, and maybe even your family and friends want to see the child drugged. These people may have good intentions, however, medicating these kids long term is seldom successful. Some of your children may already be on drugs to help control their behavior. I would not begin to tell you that all children with ADD can be cured with this nutritional approach, but I will tell you that a very high percentage of them can improve dramatically with the nutritional protocols listed below. If your child is receiving counseling and/or is taking medication without addressing the nutritional deficiencies we will talk about they are not getting a fair chance to get better.

These children are treated with a variety of pharmaceuticals, are referred for behavioral counseling, and at times even segregated from their peers because of continued disruptive behavior. Some of these kids are even showing signs of clinical depression.Sadly, the real cause of this disorder is rarely addressed.

These children are acting out because their brains are hurting. They are starved for proper nutrition. They are living on "non-foods" which are highly processed, loaded with sugar, chemicals, and preservatives, and these are foods that have had most of nature's nutrients stripped away.These kids are suffering from malnutrition!

ADD children are deprived of the vitamin B complex, multi-minerals and omega-3 nutrition their brains crave. The three nutrients that I just mentioned have a truly calming effect on the brain. Kids today just don't get proper amounts of these.

Our ADD kids today are suffering from subclinical Pellagra!

Full blown Pellagra is caused by severe B-vitamin deficiency. Our children are not suffering from this severe deficiency but they have subclinical Pellagra which is causing significant problems with brain and neurological issues caused by a starving nervous system. Some of these kids also have diarrhea or gut problems which is part of the symptom picture of Pellagra. Many of them have bouts of dermatitis, skin rashes, or other skin related conditions caused by this deficiency.

How could our children be suffering from subclinical Pellagra? Well, how often do you feed them liver, nutritional yeast, beets, molasses, or wheat germ? My guess is ALMOST NEVER!

Diets consisting of highly processed "non-foods" are loaded with sugar, salt, gluten and a host of brain-altering chemicals that you will read on the label but can't even pronounce. If your child consumes these types of foods it is creating severe B-vitamin deficiency and brain syndromes of hyperactivity or depression.When kids eat these foods on a daily basis for months and even years it is no wonder that almost one-fifth of our kids are now drugged into submission.

If at this point you are beginning to ask yourself, "how can I help my child", we are about to tell you. This problem is not a quick fix but, if you are consistent with feeding your child properly and you use the proper nutritional supplementation, you could see changes in as little as three weeks and you may feel you literally have a NEW child in three to six months. For some of you that have dealt with one or more ADD kids this sounds too good to be true. I will promise you that it CAN be accomplished with most kids.

As you start this process, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Start by getting the sugar out of their diet. You won't be able to avoid it all, but you can cut it approximately 80% by eliminating soda, most sweets and breads, all supermarket breakfast cereals, fast foods, and most processed foods (almost anything packaged in plastic). Instead of the processed "non-foods" feed your child real food (whole foods that nature provides). Feed them foods like free-range eggs, real butter, meat, fish, chicken, liver, all vegetables and fruits, some starches, seeds, nuts, and healthy oils like organic extra virgin olive oil & organic coconut oil. As for beverages, have them drink WATER---- pure water, WHAT A CONCEPT!

Sensitivity to gluten is a very real problem for many children so take several weeks and get all the gluten out of their diets. Gluten come from wheat, barley, and rye and just about all breads, sweets, and processed foods. If your child has sensitivity to gluten it will be very difficult to improve his ADD fully if he continues to consume gluten products. There are many good gluten free products in the stores now to choose from.

Don't forget to encourage your child get lots of exercise. It is quite important. Get them involved in sports and other active fun things.

Try to always think BASICS. Feed them basic foods from nature and give them nutritional supplements that are WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS. B-vitamins are critical for these children however; super-potency B-vitamins purchased at the pharmacy or grocery store can make your kids worse because they contain high doses of a few synthetic fractions of the B-vitamin complex. Store-bought children's multivitamins are NOT nutrition.

The following is the nutritional protocol that I use to help these ADD children:

    • Cataplex G & Cataplex B (Vitamin B complex)
    • Catalyn (Multi-vitamin)
    • Min-Tran (Minerals)
    • A good quality Fish Oil (Omega-3 Oils)

There is good fish oil Gummies available for small children that need to chew the products.

These products sound rather strange to you however, but these are natural whole food supplements made from real food grown on organic farms. The company that manufactures these excellent products is Standard Process located in Wisconsin. Check them out at www.standardprocess.com. PLEASE understand that you will not get the good results that you seek using inferior synthetic nutritional supplements bought in local stores. You may even make your child worse.

Most children begin to get better within weeks or months. But remember, your child's behavior has most likely now become a habit. Be patient; allow time for the nutritional changes to help heal your child and for new and improved behavior habits to form. Be consistent with this nutritional protocol to treat ADD and you will be doing so much more than you could ever imagine for yourself and your child. Your teachers, family, and friends will love you for giving them a well behaved healthy child once again.

Should you have questions about the topic discussed above please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 386-956-1668. I am here to help. You can also visit my website at www.drstephenhayman.com You will find earlier newsletters archived there to help you continue to educate yourself about health.

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