February 2014

Vitamin B-12 and Bursitis
This month I would like to discuss a very different nutritional topic, BURSITIS!  Most people would not think about treating a case of bursitis with nutrition, however, as you will see below nutrition protocols could be the best and safest way to help the bursitis sufferer.  Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa which is a tiny fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body. There are 160 bursae in the body. The major bursae are located adjacent to the tendons near the large joints, such as the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees.

Bursitis is a very common orthopedic problem which affects millions of people each year.  Many people will develop chronic, recurrent episodes of this very painful condition.  If you are indeed one of those individuals that suffer with bursitis you will want to read this newsletter very carefully. 

Conventional Medical Treatment
Conventional medical treatment of bursitis includes resting the joint, anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen or Naprosyn, or in difficult cases injections of steroids like cortisone.  The use of anti-inflammatory agents comes with the risk of serious side effects, the worst of which is gastrointestinal bleeding.  Another serious, yet under-reported adverse effect is kidney failure. 

Millions of patients presenting with acute or chronic bursitis are treated with these standard protocols each year.  Although this treatment approach can be effective in a large number of cases, could there be a safer and yet highly effective natural approach to help bursitis suffers?

Bursitis and B-12
The use of injectable vitamin B-12 to treat bursitis has been around for many decades and yet this art has been lost by most medical schools. They prefer to use quick acting steroid treatment regardless of the serious side-effects that may result.
Treating bursitis with B-12 is safe, very effective (70-80%), and many times, result in miraculous recoveries reported by patients. 

For this treatment to be successful it is important to follow the protocol as listed below very carefully:

  • You must use injectable B-12!  Natural vitamin B-12 is by far the best to use. This will be either hydroxyl- or methyl-cobalamin. I feel the most effective form of vitamin B-12 for treating bursitis is hydroxycobalamin.  Most pharmacies will only carry cynocabalaimn (the synthetic form) which is far less effective.  You may have visit a compound pharmacy with your prescription to get the right type of B-12.
  • The right dose is very important.  I recommend 1mg/day injected daily for 30 days.  It is critical that you do not miss even one dose.
  • I am asked if oral supplements of B-12 can do the same job as the injectable form.  The best answer is NO.  It cannot hurt to try the oral sublingual B-12 at a dose of 2 to 5 mg/day, but don’t get your hopes too high.  This form of B-12 is far inferior to the injectable B-12.
  • When using injectable B-12, the bursitis pain and swelling usually subsides within three to four weeks.  Some very difficult cases may take 60 days of treatment to be successful. 
  • The injectable B-12 does not have to be given at the site of pain.  B-12 injections can be given anywhere including the thigh, buttocks, and arm.
  • After 30 days of daily injections, a maintenance dose of B-12 therapy should be continued.  I would suggest one milligram twice per week for at least 4 to 6 months.

For those that decide to try this approach you must ask your doctor for a prescription of the natural vitamin B-12.  Don’t be surprised if you get push back from your doctor as most M.D.’s are not familiar with this natural treatment.  You will have to have your prescription filled at a compound pharmacy.  Remember, hydroxycobalamin is the very best natural vitamin B-12 for this treatment. 
If you try this natural treatment protocol for your acute or chronic bursitis I would love to know your personal outcome.  You can contact me at 386-956-1668 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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