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Book Resources

 "Wheat Belly" 

by Dr. William Davis, M.D. Learn about reducing or eliminating wheat from your diet and living a healthier life with less obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases of modern life.    

 "Rich Foods Poor Foods"

by Jayson Calton, PhD and Mira Calton, CN

Learn to shop Smart, shop Healthy, save Time, and save Money.  Avoid hype and harmful ingredients.  THE ULTIMATE GROCERY PURCHASING SYSTEM.  This is a MUST read to learn how to reduce the toxic foods that BIG FOOD INDUSTRIES put on the selves of our grocery stores.  

  "The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook"

by Alissa Sergersten and Tom Malterre is one of the best cookbooks and reference guides on eating a clean, healthy diet.  Alissa is a chef and Tom has his Master's in Clinical Nutrition.  Together they provide a wonderful, comprehensive, yet simple guide to eating healthfully.    

"The Inflammation Syndrome"

by Jack Challem is a wonderful resource for patients with any chronic health condition. Understanding how to control inflammation in your diet is critical to getting well. 

"The Gluten Connection"

by Shari Lieberman is a must read for anyone dealing with gluten issues. If Dr. Hayman has indicated to you that you should follow a gluten-free diet you should get a copy of this book and study it in detail. 

"Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients"  by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. is required reading for patients with a cancer diagnosis.

"The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution"

by Fredrick Hahn, Michael Eades, M.D., and Mary Eades, M.D. ---- This is by far the best way to work out at the gym or at home.  You will get better results and reduce the risk of injury.

"Protein Power"   

by Michael Eades, M.D. & Mary Eades, M.D.  ---- This book will help you truly understand why low-fat diets don't work and how to reduce carbs, increase protein, and increase good fats to return to good health.

"Life Without Bread"

by Christian B. Allan, pH.D., & Wolfgang Lutz, M.D.  ---- Learn how cut the carbohydrates, lose weight, and reduce your risk of many chronic degenerative diseases.

"The Cure For Heart Disease"

by Dr. Dwight Lundell, M. D.  ---- Learn what really causes Heart Disease.

"The GI Mediterranean Diet"

by Dr. Fedon Alexander Lindberg ----- Learn about the low glycemic index Mediterranean diet that is the healthest diet in the world.

"The Blood Sugar Solution"

by Mark Hyman M.D.------ Learn how to avoid diabetes and other chronic illnesses by balancing your blood sugar.

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